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The team at ILL assisted me with my first video marketing plan. They created a top notch video explainer video as well as a marketing campaign. The campaign helped me jump start my new venture. Business is going well and the base of my marketing plan was executed flawlessly by the team at ILL. I recommend the team at ILL for your next project.



Start off saying one of the best to do it FACTS!! Told big bro how i wanted it and it came out perfect. Great quality and i love everything about my logo. Definitely will recommend Insidelooklive for great results!

Kiara Richardson


My first interaction with Inside Look Live was amazing! They were able to provide exactly what I needed for an amazing price and their professionalism is impeccable. It’s rare to find a company that provides great services as well as support to local artists, but when I did, I said to myself (in the great words of Pootie Tang) “I’m gone sine yo pitty on the runny kine!” I support this company 100% and will continue to do business with them. There’s no limit to what they’ll be able to do for you!

$ir J


Mane, the company is fantastic. It’s really hard to come across a company that’ll generally care about the work produced so this is already a plus. Inside Look Live delivered me my first interview. While on the interview I was able to be myself, answer as freely as I wanted and build even more of an personalized connection. Working with the company alongside my first interview and then a Music Video/Performance which they PULLED UP TO THE SHOW, that was fire. To gain a company with such professionalism, beliefs and accomplishments of dream, and the sheer will to create something great is what you WILL NOT FIND MANY PLACES. Everybody keep pushing 4sho #TeeHee

Alic baker

Big baby ent

My big brother passed & i came to these good people & told them
I just wanted to make a music entertainment corporation after him. They blessed me with a logo that looked exactly like him. Touched me very much. They do great work. And i look forward to working with them
In the future. Don’t go anywhere else for your design. TheSe are your people. Be blessed

Rudegirl shorty

Rudegirl shorty

I’ve worked with ill for all my graphics, music videos , logos they never disappoint. (( FACTS)) they can take whatever is in your head and make it a reality.... I’ve personally been there watch them work on a project for me... the dedication and time they put in is amazing and their so understanding when it comes to last minute changes... they go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied.... I have personally recommend them to anybody I’ve ran across that needs anything done dealing with design and art .... Music Artists looking for cover art , logos, business looking to make business cards or flyers getting a wall painted or building whatever it is ill is a one stop shop great customer service and turnaround time.... anyone who reads my review needs to know their in GREAT HANDS.... look no further work with ill I promise you’ll get exactly what your looking for if not better.

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